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I Matter Too

I Matter Too is the story of Ashley Perkins, a pharmacist, mother, wife, friend, sister, daughter but most importantly a human being who’s been navigating ADHD and mental health issues her entire life. She tells her story with brutal honesty about overcoming these issues while continuing to succeed in society. She details the real-life mental health issues and disorders as she lives her life, forms and raises a family, and succeeds in her career. Her story shows that, despite stereotypes forgetting the human behind the disorders, a handful of diagnoses can never overshadow a life well lived.


Full of painful trauma and difficult learning moments, Ashley tells her story with all its ups and downs. Throughout, she includes important information about her diagnoses as she receives them clinically and experiences them personally, allowing the reader to learn about these mental health issues. A mixture of research and lived experience give a unique perspective while also breaking those misplaced stereotypes about mental health issues.

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Cover designed by: Angie Ayala

Cover photograph taken by: Michelle Perrin-Crawford

Back photograph taken by (not shown here): Sarah Willis

Edited by: Christopher Cervelloni

Peer reviews done by: Matt Weatherford, Austin Ferraro, Donna Sizemore, Jessa Novotny

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